BugFactory | Custom software development

Cost-efficient solution
Cross-platform development with Xamarin

 ASP.Net, or ASP.Net Core and other web applications’ development, so that customers won’t be required to download another application to use your services.

Using Xamarin, we take responsibility in developing the native application.

We recommend using WPF., or UWP. Platforms for windows systems. When using UWP. Your application will be available on any device, that has a Windows 10 operational system.

The android is the most popular operational system in the whole world, it covers over 80% of mobile devices. Our team develops native applications with the help of Xamarin for business and marketing reasons both. More..

Time base settlement

We work with a minute-based liquidation, this way you pay exactly as much as needed, to have the BugFactory fulfil the job. You can access the time-base anytime with the help of any browser, in certain times you can trace your expenses and the progress of the project. 


We’re a team of experienced developers, who’s hobbies are also developing. We strive for precise, qualitative and precisely eligible workmanship. Our team members have worked on the projects of big businesses for years before the BugFactory was founded, where we all combine our knowledge and wait for new challenges. 


Azure DevOps, VSTS, TFS, .Net Framework, .Net Core, C#, Xaml, WCF, Git, Xamarin (Windows, Android, iOS), UWP, WPF, WinForms, MVVM, MVC, SAP B1, ASP, Entity Framework, MSSQL, TDD, CI/CD